We are governed and licensed with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to install new septic systems, repair and or inspect existing systems.

We follow all the building code regulations to ensure that our system functions properly for years of use and peace of mind.

We are experienced and equipped to design your septic system and fill out all the compulsory application forms that are required by every municipality for any new system.

As part of our quality service we supply you with a copy of the design and application for your own records.

If you are not familiar with septic systems, please take a moment to read the Do’s and Don’t for septic systems, it may save you some time and money:

DO’s and DON’Ts recommended for Septic Systems

  • DO familiarize yourself with the location of your septic system as tree plating or any in ground structure should not be placed in this area.
  • Do keep a copy of your septic system in a safe place (any future owner will appreciate this).
  • DO pump out your septic tank on a regular basis (every 3 to 5 years).
  • DO keep the lint out of your septic system by cleaning the lint filter on your washing machine.
  • Don’t flush hazardous chemicals down your drains. (Drain cleaners, javex, paint cleaner, etc.)
  • Don’t flush cigarette butts or sanitary products.
  • Don’t use a garbage disposal.
  • Don’t drive over you septic system or your septic tank with anything heavier then your lawn mower.
  • Don’t ever connect rain gutters or storm drains into a septic system.

The above mentioned information comes from Ontario Onsite Waste Association.