A new piece of property and you want to build but you don’t know where to start. We can help. This is the time to plan and organize all your future dreams.

Ground preparation prior to the building of your basement and dream home.

To reduce costs and duplication of work you need to hire a business that will listen to your wishes while advising you of the proper steps to achieving your dream.

Things you need to consider before you start:

  • What direction will your house face?
  • Will you take advantage of the morning sun?
  • Where do you want your well?
  • Where can it go according to regulations?
  • What location would be optimum for a good working septic system?
  • Where can my driveway be build so as not to interfere with the well and septic system?
  • Will I want to add on to my house in the future?
  • If so will it interfere with the well and septic system?
  • What kind of geographic landscaping do I have?
  • Am I able to dig for a foundation or do I have bedrock?
  • What options do I have if I can’t dig?
  • Is my land low? What is low land? It’s land that is depressed or sunken compared to other surrounding land and is more susceptible to water retention. If I have low land, what can I do to ensure my building will be dry?

We can help you make these issues go smoothly and efficiently. Remember you only get one chance at the foundation.